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You've looked everywhere, chosen your favorite model, and taken the plunge by purchasing the Rolex you've always wanted. While Rolex watches are not inexpensive, these mechanical wonders are built to last and are thus excellent investments. In fact, if properly cared for, a Rolex watch can last almost indefinitely, outlasting its original owner and being passed down to future generations. However, there are a few procedures to do to properly care for your Rolex watch in order to maintain its longevity. It is critical to take care of your Rolex watch in order to keep its beauty and technical competence. Continue reading for our best advice on how to do exactly that. 

Watch Care and Maintenance

Weekly Rolex Care

If your Rolex watch is (should be!) Your daily watch, and it will inevitably get dirty. Since it is attached to your arm, it will come in contact with dirt and sweat, so it is important to clean it regularly. To keep them fresh, it is advisable to do a quick wash once a week. To clean a Rolex watch, run it under warm water, whisk with gentle, non-toxic soap, rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Of course, this only applies to Rolex watches with metal bracelets. When washing a
Rolex watch, make sure the winding crown is securely screwed into the case to keep out water. If you have a Daytona, make sure these chronograph pushers are also screwed in.

Manually Winding Your Watch

If you wear your Rolex every day, you don't have to wind it. When removed and set aside, some models will "charge" for more than two days. However, if you haven't worn a Rolex for more than a few days and the watch is stopped, it's a good idea to wind it up manually when setting the time before putting it on.

Water Resistant Rolex's

Water is a natural element in Rolex metal bracelet watches, including sea and salt waters. All Rolex watches are water resistant to 100 meters for the Oyster Perpetual and 50 meters for the Cellini model. All you need to do after a dive or a day at the beach is to simply rinse your watch with fresh water to remove salt and sand deposits. You can reduce this step by wearing the watch while you shower at the end of the day.

The Oyster case of your Rolex protects it from water and makes it completely dustproof and waterproof. To maintain the watch’s waterproofness, the Oyster case needs to be properly sealed. The crown of your Rolex screws down tightly to create a hermetic seal like the hatch of a submarine. When you reset the time or the date or wind the watch manually, it is extremely important to ensure that you have screwed down the crown until it can’t turn any further.

Setting the Time on a Rolex

Rolex watches can be set by unscrewing the crown and pulling it out to the second notch. The seconds hand is stopped, allowing you to set the time. Each model has its own detailed user guide and functions that may vary, please download the appropriate guide.

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Wearing Your Watch for the 1st Time

Before putting on the Rolex for the first time or when it is stopped, it must be wound manually in order for the Rolex to function correctly and correctly. To wind the watch by hand, fully unscrew the crown and turn it clockwise several times (counterclockwise has no effect). A minimum of 25 turns is required for proper partial winding. Carefully screw the crown back into the case for waterproofing. The watch automatically winds when worn on your wrist.

Daily Cleaning

Your Rolex watch will require very minimal daily maintenance thanks to Rolex's expertise. Cleaning it using a microfiber cloth on a regular basis will assist to maintain its brilliance. You may also wash the case and bracelet with soapy water and a soft brush from time to time. To ensure waterproofness, make sure the winding crown is properly screwed down against the casing before cleaning your watch.

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