User Guides for Rolex Watches - Specially offered to TKV Clients

Congratulations, you are now a part of a very important club. 

You've looked everywhere, chosen your favorite model, and taken the plunge by purchasing the Rolex you've always wanted. While Rolex watches are not inexpensive, these mechanical wonders are built to last and are thus excellent investments. In fact, if properly cared for, a Rolex watch can last almost indefinitely, outlasting its original owner and being passed down to future generations. However, there are a few procedures to do to properly care for your Rolex watch in order to maintain its longevity. It is critical to take care of your Rolex watch in order to keep its beauty and technical competence. Continue reading for our best advice on how to do exactly that. 


Here is a link to several resources related to taking care of your watch:

Rolex User Guide - Learn how to take Care of your watch model



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With your thumb and index finger, slowly turn the crown clockwise 360 degrees, or a full rotation,at least 30 to 40 times. This fully winds the watch. If you only rotate the crown clockwise a few times then the watch will not be fully wound. Rolex designs its watches so it is impossible to over wind them.

Whether it is a Rolex, AP, or Patek Phillipe you can clean your watch with a microfiber cloth and some warm water. If your watch is waterproof you are able to rinse it under some lukewarm water but we recommend being as delicate as possible.

We recommend storing your watch in a dark space, away from light, especially if it will be stored away for a long time. Constant light exposure to the dial may cause it fade over time. Also, store it in its presentation box or a soft area.