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What's a Showcase?

You can request a video presentation of your potential watch!
In order for both our in-house team and our collectors to maintain safety procedures for Covid-19, we have implemented a new mechanism for your convenience. We have the pleasure of offering you the opportunity to view your potential collection item via video, sent directly to your choice of email.
All you have to do is request it.

How to request a Video Presentation:

Please provide the following information in the form below (it will send us an email):
Name: John M. 
Time Piece: Rolex Submariner 16610 Steel 40mm Black
Message: Hello! I'm interested in purchasing the Men's watch called the Submariner. I would like to request a video of the watch - I'm interested in seeing the following in the video:
  1. Bezel
  2. Crystal
  3. Lugs
TKV Support 

Discretion: Once the button is clicked on you will be redirected to a different window.

If you are not sure what the names of each part of a watch are, no worries! Click on the button below to read an article about all watches' parts!

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