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Request a Repair

In order to be eligible for a repair, your watch must have been purchased from Time Keepers Vault, Inc. 

Sorry for any inconvenience!

We ensure that our craftsmanship is to the highest standards and offer to repair all of our items sold to the public. You may send in your item by mail. If you choose to send your item by mail, please follow the steps listed below.


1. Request and download our Repair Form and Disclosure form at:

2. Print/Download forms and complete all information.

3. Locate watch and proof of purchase (receipt) from source of purchase (TKV). 

4. Return paperwork via mail along with the item (watch) for faster estimate and delivery OR email all forms as a pdf file with images of item (processing of item takes 3-4 business days).

5. Wait upon our assessment in order for item to be serviced by us.

6. Sign the agreement of Quote of Repair electronically and email it to us or call us to have us sign it for you per request and for faster service (repair window varies by item's need and urgency).

Disclosure: If Quote of Repair form is not signed within 10 days of item's repair quote; the item will be returned to sender. If item is received without proper paperwork, item will automatically be returned back to sender. Give us a call to see if you have the appropriate paperwork before sending it to us. 

- Paperwork needed: Proof of purchase, Repair Form request and Form with quote of repair. 

7. Send item and forms, via an insured shipping method, to (if agreement to repair was done electronically):

TKV Service Center
510 W 6th St STE. 922 Los Angeles, CA 90014


After we make an assessment, we will send you a free estimate via a form called "Quote of Repair". At this time, we can only accept shipments from clients residing in the U.S. Or you may call us at +1 (855) 466-3914 and we can assist you with your servicing needs and or any questions.

All paperwork will be returned to you when finished being serviced by us. Please allow us 1-2 weeks after the item's processing time for it be fully serviced and 2-3 days for you to receive it after that time period. 

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