Vintage watches increasing in value?

Every year, watches all around the world have price fluctuations. The problem with that is the fact that people that are usually not big watch fanatics or collectors don't understand the reasoning behind this. Most people believe watches should go down in value as a matter of fact. Which to be completely honest, they do. Any watch, a year or 6 years old, depreciates in value, just like any other item being sold. Take a vehicle for example, but not just any vehicle. A Mercedes, that is bought in mint condition and sold the year after it is distributed to the public loses 20 to 30 percent of its initial value. In 5 years, it loses 60%. 

Although this is the conclusion for most vehicles, the difference between any other vehicle and a Mercedes is that it has the possibility of becoming a 'vintage' or 'classic' vehicle if maintained to its pristine condition, or even kept in good condition. Other vehicles, like Honda or Toyota have a lower chance of becoming a prized possession. Not because they are not good vehicles, but simply because the title 'luxury' is in front of the brand. This applies to watches as well.

Which brings us to the explanation as to why a luxury brand watch increases its value over time. When an item, that is hand-made, manufactured delicately, and even hard to find in certain conditions; its price will increase if considered luxurious and a fine item. And typically watches are certainly in that margin. Not only that, but it is one of the luxury items that are accessories to a gender that already has a limited amount of options; men. 

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