The Rolex GMT - Master



GMT - Master

Originally designed for long-haul airlines in the 1950s, the GMT Master was able to win the most awards by bridging the gap in the status symbol space in the golden age of aviation and its associated appeal, territory.

The collaboration with Pan Am aims to allow crew and passengers to avoid some of the debilitating effects of jet lag, with additional hour hands and another type of rotating bezel that can be used by the wearer to watch a second time zone. This meant that they could be mentally prepared for the time they spend at their final destination. The GMT Master, which was about as big of a hit as the Submariner, was in fact the first Rolex sports watch released in the gold version, with debut ref. From around 6542, and 1958 and forward.

Today, we use pilot watches as well as submariners of diving watches, with a luxurious legacy that does not spoil the brilliance of the original concept.


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