The Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona

A big advantage of buying a Rolex Daytona is that this watch not only lasts longer than the rest of your life, but it certainly goes up in price over the years. Let me give you a concrete example. In 2019, $ 13,000 in stainless steel and ceramic Daytona will sell for over $ 25,000. So if you can get on the waiting list and buy a new Daytona, it's one of the best Rolex investments you can make. But why is the price so high? Well, collectors appreciate getting the current Daytona production without having to wait a few years. The demand for this highly coveted watch is so great that collectors will actually pay quite a bit to make sure they get it.

But second-hand Rolex Daytona watches are also an incredibly valuable investment. The second generation of the Rolex Daytona model, revered for its Zenith-based self-winding movement, today has an incredible cult status among collectors. These watches were only manufactured for 12 years from 1988 to 2000. That is, not all of these references have reached "vintage" status (many call it 2530). Nonetheless, these watches are not only valuable, but also increasing in value, indicating that many watches today are worth tens of thousands of dollars. And as these watches grow older, the superior performance of today's vintage models can be expected to increase their value.

Such a great investment that there's a Waitlist...

These relatively low production numbers are on the Rolex Daytona's multi-year waiting list. Here is how it works. When Rolex ships Daytona watches to its retail stores and authorized dealers, those retailers don't just put Daytona in the window and wait for someone to come and buy them. Retailers often have a long list of customers who have told them, “Hey, I want to buy a Daytona. When you get one, give me a call. If you're lucky and have a great relationship with this retailer, it might be a little easier to get a priority spot on this waitlist. Otherwise, you will have to register and wait for your dealer to pick up one and give it to you, a process that can take several years.
Why are people willing to sign up for these long waiting lists? Price. While you may spend years on a waiting list, if you do get one eventually, it will cost you a lot less than what you would pay on the open market to buy right away. no need to wait. For reference, the modern stainless steel and Cerachrom Rolex Daytona retail for just $13,150, but it trades for twice as much on the secondary market.

Rolex Daytona is a status symbol

Rolex Daytona is a status symbol Why make a watch a status symbol? For us, a combination of exclusivity, durable design, and the highest quality magic. Exclusive right? We are already dealing with it-check it out. Premium quality? It's a Rolex, check it out again. Daytona was officially established as a status symbol when Rolex began equipping this luxury sports watch with high-end alloys such as diamonds, colored gemstones, 18K gold and 950 platinum. Against this background, even rust-proof Rolex Daytona watches are very popular and are worn as status symbols by collectors, celebrities, and the wealthiest and famous people of the world. In fact, this combination of exclusivity, premium quality and technologically advanced movement makes it one of the most expensive stainless steel watches Rolex offers. Price alone isn't necessarily an automatic status symbol, but it's not available and the long waiting list required to make a purchase makes it a genuine statement piece that offers a level of exclusivity comparable to precious metals. Today, the Daytona collection represents a monopoly, which Rolex knows. For this reason, the brand is increasingly creating ultra-luxury models made of the finest precious metals, with dozens of precious stones. To some extent, Rolex has a chronograph movement and is neither the simpler caliber Timeonly nor TimeandDate, so it is not possible to simply increase Daytona production. However, it is not in Rolex's interest to increase production to fully meet demand. If Rolex Daytona is infinitely available, it will lose some of its exclusivity, so Rolex keeps production relatively constant to maintain the desirability and long-term value of their watches increase.

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