The Submariner

The Most Popular Rolex

Probably the most famous piece from Rolex and arguably the most famous luxury dive model in history. The Submariner is where many believe the term "tool watch" was born.
Built to meet the explosive popularity of scuba diving after World War II, Sub can nominate legendary underwater pioneer Jacques Cousteau among its collaborators.
Sold in stores since 1954, it not only adopted the TurnO Graph rotating bezel concept of the previous year, but was also the first watch to be classified as water resistant up to a magic number of 100m.
These two factors make the submarine its own league when it comes to the ideal dive watch. The case is sturdy enough to withstand any environment, and the 60-minute scale engraved on the rotating bezel provided the easiest and most reliable way to track elapsed time. The
appeal was instant, and the sub was successful from the start and became James Bond's favorite watch in several films, so it didn't hurt its reputation.
However, for some people, the model began to erode its tool monitoring status as soon as it was referenced. 1680 appeared in the late 1960s. As the first example of a date display, it was clearly a luxury watch rather than a full-fledged sports model where divers rarely need to know the day of the week when exploring the underwater world. Since, the range has been divided in both date and date examples, the former being issued in all kinds of gold coins and the latter being issued only in Steel.
Still, the basic Nodate piece starts at $ 8,000, so many people are willing to put it at risk on an average dive boat.

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