Why is the Submariner Popular?


Rolex Submariner

While there are many different types of Rolex watches to choose from, the most popular and desired has to be its Submariner collection. Considered to be a true divers’ watch by design, the Submariner has a storied history. The collection was first released back in 1953 and was the very first divers’ timepiece that was waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, or 330 feet. While the Oyster was the world’s first actual waterproof watch (first developed in 1926), the Submariner was the second greatest breakthrough in timepiece being waterproof. The Rolex Submariner set the standard for divers’ watches and continues to do so today.
In terms of design, the Rolex Submariner is the ultimate survival tool for underwater enthusiasts given the watch was created to meet the practical needs of divers. Even today, the watch has evolved technically to meet the rigorous demands of the industry and will continue to evolve in the future. While the first Submariner was a pioneer in the industry, all following versions have continued to set the benchmark for divers’ timepieces.
The latest generation of the Rolex Submariner is true to the original model that was first released in 1953. The redesigned Oyster case improves on the timepieces original good looks and features a very distinctive dial with big luminescent hour makers that can easily be seen underwater. This is key for when divers are in dark environments. The hour markers come in simple shapes that are immediately recognizable and provider divers with reliable readings as a way to prevent the risk of any confusion while a diver is submersed underwater. The unidirectional bezel rotates for added convenience, while the solid-link Oyster bracelet sits securely on a diver’s wrist.
When diving, it’s important to have a reliable timepiece, which is why the Submariner is one of the best. The watch features a guaranteed waterproof depth of 1,000 feet or 300 meters, providing divers with high-precision movement that also provides them with protection from dust, pressure, shocks and water. The watertight security is a result of Rolex’s unique triple waterproof system. The watch’s Triplock winding crown screws down securely against the case, allowing it to be one of the best waterproof watches on earth.
Setting the dive time is easy and convenient thanks to the watch’s rotatable bezel that features knurled edges for amazing grip. You can rotate it notch by notch and feel the distinctive clicks. As far as the sleek oyster bracelet, it’s engineered to not only look great, but also be as comfortable as possible. It features an Oysterlock safety clasp so to prevent it from accidently opening. Divers will be able to comfortably wear the watch over their diving suit.
As a diver’s best friend, the watch’s engraved 60-minute graduation provides them with the ability to monitor diving time and decompression stops accurately, thus safer than any other diver’s watch on the market. While it’s first and foremost a diver’s watch, anyone can fully enjoy the aesthetics and functionally of Rolex’s submariner timepiece!

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