How to take care of your Rolex: Explained

Winding your rolex

Winding your watch is not always necessary, but if you find yourself needing to, it isn't as hard as it may look. Rolex watches have inbuilt devices that ensure you cannot overwind, so it's almost impossible to do it wrong. The first thing you need to ensure when winding your Rolex is that you never do so whilst you have it on your wrist.

Instead, place your Rolex on a soft, flat surface before you start the procedure.

Then, unscrew the crown to position two, which is the data changing position - wind it between 30 to 40 times. Once finished, remember to screw the crown back in - wa-la! you are done!

Daily Maintenance

Your Rolex watch will require very minimal daily maintenance thanks to Rolex's expertise. Cleaning it using a microfiber cloth on a regular basis will assist to maintain its brilliance. You may also wash the case and bracelet with soapy water and a soft brush from time to time. To ensure waterproofness, make sure the winding crown is properly screwed down against the casing before cleaning your watch.

Avoid placing it on marble and stone surfaces, place it on a piece of cloth. If you need to rest it on stone or marble, then rest it on its side so that its stable and the least amount of surface area is in contact with the surface.

Is your Rolex Waterproof?

Depending on the model you purchase your watch can be waterproof. Older models, specifically vintage models will not be guaranteed by us due to the age and intricate mechanism. In fact, Rolex has made two models dedicated for Deep Sea Divers, and H20 fanatics. They are the Perpetual Oyster and the Submariner, even some Celline models. We do not guarantee any model older than 2019 to be waterproof, especially if not one of those three models.

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